Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

House Of The Rising Sum, Pt. One-Half

Are you sad? Are you mourning the death of one idea and the birth of another?
Has the time slipped you into a situation you never new the inkling of?
Mouths open with the chest loose breath, expanding up through the neck –tickling loose the skin around the brain stem. Hair growing thick. Wild with notions. The eyes see with a prescription years old, longing for a clarity, but welcoming the blurs between the realities.
We're fishing. A few good little minnows on the line attracting the bigger boys and girls. Gotta make that minnow dance a bit to find the big bite. Then put that one on the line for the bigger, and so on.

And on this side were sitting in open windows. Basking the new sun on the skin. Soaking the warmth deep into the soul when possible.

A great combination of "Here I am." and "Where am I?".